First Batch, 5:00AM January 13th, 2017


First Batch in the new Malt House, 5:00AM February 6th, 2019


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Turner Hill Malting Co. is an idea that was developed where all good ideas start, in a bar.  In talking with the bar owner who was passionate about locally sourced products, he commented that even though all of his beers were locally brewed, they were not necessarily locally sourced.  The required base products were typically ordered out of the mid-west and beyond, specifically the barley because there were few so few New England based malt houses and none in Berkshire County at all.

In early 2016, Darrell decided to jump feet first into the malting business.  After receiving a loan from the Carrot Project - a non-profit that helps support local agricultural business - he began the work of designing and building his malt house from the ground up.  Tapping on his background in mechanical engineering and his skills from his full time job on his family's dairy farm, he has built everything from the stainless steel tanks to the fully automated plumbing systems. 

Quickly though, the ~300lb batch size was not meeting the demand. In the summer of 2018, Darrell was granted a second loan from Berkshire Agricultural Ventures to cover the costs of building a new facility and to re-design and expand the system. A new metal building was purchased and installed that fall and over the winter a new system was designed and built by Darrell, again from the ground up!

Fully operational again, Turner Hill Malting Co. is producing finished batches of ~750lbs per week and supplying to local breweries throughout Berkshire County. The goal is to continue improving the efficiency of the system to provide quality local malt to meet the growing demand in the area.

T H E    T E A M

Darrell Turner, Founder & Maltster

Rebecca Turner, Marketing & Moral Support